Our mission is to equip people to trust Yahweh and live a life that will honor him. To raise up a people who are faithful over the little things today so they can rule over greater things tomorrow. Demonstration is not an idea to us, it is our purpose.


As an individual you have dreams, goals, and visions of who you want to be. It is our desire to help you achieve all of that through the Kingdom of Yahweh.


There is no us without you. Together we will change the earth with excellence and Kingdom demonstration. We are willing to change so that we can make a difference.


Without Him, there is no us. It is our passion to make Yahweh’s name great in the earth by honoring Him in all things and preaching His Christ to all people.

Beyond the Veil is available now on iTunes and CDbaby! Get your copy today and be blessed by the worship music of Kaleigh Parker and Jessica Wright!

Kaleigh Parker Music

We love children, and at The Rock there is something for every age. It is exciting and fun and they may not want to leave. Join us Sunday and see for yourself.

Teenagers are a source of life and adventure. Remnant is here to help prepare our teenagers for what they face today and for what they can be tomorrow.

Daughters of Destiny ministry is an opportunity for women to grow, change, be healed, and demonstrate Yahweh’s faithfulness through fellowship.

Men are strong and independent, yet they still need to gather together. Join us at our next quarterly mens meeting as we grow together.

The Rock of Central Florida

We would love to have you join us at The Rock of Central Florida. Click HERE for directions.