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- Posted on Aug 24 2014


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Welcome to The Rock on the web! For us, church isn’t getting preached to. It is family, relationship, active participation and life! At The Rock we do not want to simply follow what the past has dictated that church is, our heart is to do what Christ did and lead the way. Our desire is to provide a place for every person to be changed, healed, and equipped to become all that Yahweh God has called them to be.

You are probably visiting this website because you either heard about The Rock from someone, are simply looking for a place to worship, stumbled across this website, or maybe you are new in town. Whatever the reason, I am glad you are considering visiting us at The Rock. We love Yahweh and we are passionate about revealing His Christ to as many as will hear. Perhaps you are as passionate as we are. If so, don’t wait. Visit this Sunday and find out why others just like you visited first before making The Rock their church home. If you do come, please give me the honor of meeting you either before or after service. Be blessed and I hope to see you soon.

Apostle Steve Parker

What are people saying?

I first came to The Rock while I was in college. I had just become a born-again Christian and was looking for a church home.   I found it in The Rock of Central Florida. I grew and learned, but then I moved to Georgia for further schooling. I returned 12 years later with a husband and two children. My Rock family welcomed me back. Fast-forward two years and you will find a new woman. I have been challenged and moved out of my comfort zone. I no longer hide in the shadows, at church or out in the world. I am out there ready to go where Yahweh has called me and to do what He has created me to be. I know when I walk through the doors of the sanctuary that the words I will hear will impact me, change me, excite me, and help me change the world. There’s no going back now!

Jessica Meinhofer

My life crossed paths with The Rock of Central Florida in 2011 and was forever changed. The people of The Rock welcomed my family and I with open arms and we immediately felt so welcomed. Instantly I knew that this was the place that The Father wanted me to be and He quickly began chipping away at my core and molding me. I was 30 years old when The Holy Spirit led me to The Rock and in the past 3 years my life has changed immeasurably more than all of the previous 30 years combined. Submitting myself to the will of The Father and the leadership of this house has truly made all the difference.

Chris Meyers


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