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What?  Can I say that?  Is this hypocrisy?  I am certain there are those who will read the title of this post and launch into a rage!  At least those who love religion more than they love relationship with the one who they claim is the father of religion – Yahweh.  I know of few of them.  Are you ready for this?  Yahweh is not the father of religion, He is the father of relationship.  It is in Him that we live and move and have our being, not in the legalism religion has created and bound the helpless to.  When did religion raise up men and woman who made Yahweh’s name great instead of their own?  When did religion take a stand and not compromise when the crowds were dwindling to nothing?  When did religion hold anyone accountable for their actions and become a voice of truth instead of a voice of compromise?  When did religion do something for someone else without looking for a little glory of it’s own?  Although I am thankful for what religion intends to do, I am very grieved over what religion refuses to do.  Religion will not lead people to sonship.  Religion will not stand up when the crowds are offended and begin fading away.  Religion will not stay the course when there is an easier road on the left or right.

Religion is the enemy of relationship because where religion fails in that it does not accept that people become joined by the Spirit of God, relationship succeeds by establishing bonds that cannot be broken by offense, distance, life, or death.  Religion is the enemy of relationship because where religion preaches laws to protect itself, relationship requires no laws and grows deeper through liberty in Christ.  Religion provides books and tradition, relationship provides a voice and a future.  Religion calls out those who judge while justifying it’s own spirit of judgement.  Relationship judges what is of this earth so the eternal judge, Christ, can judge what is of the heavens.  Yes, religion is the enemy of relationship.  Find your place in a ministry where there is a father who hears and speaks, and you will find a house where relationship will lead you to life!  Don’t be duped by what religion calls love.