The Rock of Central Florida

The Age of Agelessness

It should be understood that we, The Rock, are not in any way suggesting that we have a preeminent understanding of becoming the “image of Yahweh” and neither do we have all the answers. Adjusting to the age of agelessness is a journey indeed. What do I mean? Well, when we consider the “adjustments” having been made so far, it is apparent the path requires exceptional faith. For instance, the abandonment of formal titles, our transition beyond a five-fold ministry government, the revelation of what tongues is and what it isn’t. These are just a few of the “adjustments” to date.

These “adjustments” that are happening among us can appear to be a slap in the face of what has been life to all of us for so long; however, this interpretation would be a gross misunderstanding of our intention and purpose. Becoming what we were created to be without settling for what we have been told we could be requires risk, changed mindsets, and lots of faith. We are not in any way abandoning our heritage or what brought all of us to this place. We are, however, building upon what we have learned and allowing the proceeding word to govern our latter years without being prisoner to the former.

Becoming is a verb. Action and movement are inherent. How can one BECOME anything if one is entrenched, or in a fixed, immovable position?  This BECOMING is exactly what I intend to press into, and I intend to do it with the people of The Rock and those who become a part of who we are. I am pressing into that place spoken of in Jeremiah 2:2 “when we (the church) went after Yahweh in the wilderness, in a land not sown.” Most of the modern church only lives in the metaphorical city, or the place where structure has existed for eons of time and would not consider running out into a place unknown or undeveloped before now. The age of agelessness removes the parameters defined by man and requires each one to know their God and press into a relationship with him. One that is not defined by what religion has created and approved, but that is defined by the walk in the wilderness with Yahweh, or remember their life with Yahweh before flesh was attached to their spirit. “Before you were in your [mother’s] womb, He knew you” Jeremiah 1: 5 and, moreover, you knew Him.

The age of agelessness is not a place or destination. It is a way of life and living! It is THE way for life and living! May we position ourselves to exercise great faith and embark on this journey with eyes wide open and a heart ready to move into places we have not considered before…but He has!

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