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Super Natural

A visit from family and friends is usually a welcome time that creates new memories, fills a day with laughter and allows us to reflect on times and seasons past and present. A visit from Holy Spirit causes us to see the impossible, expect the miraculous, and hunger for the abundance! Both visitations are important and serve a purpose. Each of them can be healing, nurturing, and enlightening. One of them is natural and one of them is “super” natural. The natural is predictable while the “super” natural is not. The natural can be controlled. The “super” natural cannot.

What makes Superman super is his ability to do what the “natural” man is incapable of. He is admired because of his “super” abilities and he is disdained because of his “super” abilities. Some love him because of it, others hate him because it is not them who is “super.” Regardless of how others feel, he has no choice but to be “super” because it is his nature. It is in his DNA. It is his lot. Even in his attempts to wear eyeglasses, drab suits, and maintain a pedestrian job, he cannot hide who he is. Something always happens that causes the real “super” man to emerge from the identity he attempts to hide behind. He is the product of something greater than the natural and what is greater, or super in him will always come out under the right circumstances. He can attempt to identify with the natural as much as he likes, but at the end of the day it is the “super” natural that defines him.

What about you and me? How are we defined? Are we attempting to control or subdue the true “super” natural part of our DNA? While living in the natural is easy and offers opportunity to reflect, learn, and grow within society, accepting the “super” natural within us is opportunity to change the earth! The natural man is determined to control his surroundings, limit opportunity for embarrassment, and avoid moments of weakness. The “super” natural man does not consider ego, pride, or any of the aforementioned concerns and does what he was created to do. Being “super” natural is more natural than natural. We were all “super” natural before we were natural!

Allowing Holy Spirit to visit us and expose our mind and spirit to the ways of the supernatural is an opportunity for us to see more clearly and discern more keenly where we are and what our purpose is. Only Holy Spirit can awaken the “super” natural in you and me. A visitation from the natural is nice, but a visitation from the Kingdom of our God and King is “super” natural! Jesus said in Mark 9:23 “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” May we all declare, “Holy Spirit awaken the ‘super’ natural that is within me to the glory of Yahweh – amen!”

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